1. (Sanna Tawah) Mobile Phones, Money and Informal Market Trade in Anglophone Cameroon

2. (Sarah Wagner) Reterritorializing sociotechnical networks: Mobile communication and local governance in the west-central Chaco

3. (Hanne Cecilie Geirbo) Mobile electricity – a study of the development of a village electricity grid

4. (Tuukka Terho) The Ontological Style of Mobile Technology

5. (Anna Martela) Mobile Phones and Empowerment in West Jakarta

6. (Johan Hellström) Mobile Hype: Challenges in Using Mobile Communication Technology to Enhance Transparency, Accountability and Political Participation

7. (Ali Abdullahi) The Role of Mobile Phones in Agricultural Innovation in Nigeria: A Case Study.

8. (Frances Baaba da-Costa Vroom) Assessing the Feasibility of Mhealth for Treatment Coverage Reporting for the Lymphatic Filariasis Control Programme

9. (Anna-Maria Walter) Appropriation of the Mobile Phone by Women within the Web of Gender Relations in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan


Mobile Technology in the Health Sector in Developing Countries 
Friday, May 24 15:00–16:30 

15:00–15:30 (Allyson Krupar) mEduText: A Case for Mobile Continuing Medical Education in Uganda

15:30–16:00 (Johan Maritz) The Development, Use and Potential Contribution of Appropriate ICT-based Service Systems Supporting Home-Based Care Workers in the Leroro Community, Mpumalanga – South Africa

16:00–16:30 (Araba Sey & Leah Johnson) Achieving Scale and Sustainability in M-health Projects


Saturday, May 25 9:00–10:30 

9:00–9:30 (Frances Baaba Da-Costa Vroom) Assessing the Feasibility of Mhealth for Treatment Coverage Reporting for the Lymphatic Filariasis Control Programme

9:30–10:00 (Perpetual Crentsil) A Case of Double Exclusion? Mobile Phones, Poor HIV/AIDS Patients and Their Agony in Ghana

Mobile Phones for Enhancing Agriculture and Economic and Business Transactions 
Friday, May 24 16:45–17:45 

16:45–17:15 (Kenneth Okpomo & Samuel Moses) The Mobile Revolution in Nigeria: A Look at How the Urban and Rural Poor Can Harness its Potentials for Economic Empowerment

17:15–17:45 (Lorenzo Dalvit) Money-related Uses of Mobile Phones in a Rural Area of South Africa

Saturday, May 25 9:00–12:00 

9:00–9:30 (Georges Djohy) The Building of Production Network in Pluvial Unsettled Agriculture by Using Mobile Telephony in Farming Communities of Northern Benin, West Africa

9:30–10:00 (Sanna Tawah) Mobile Phones, Money and Informal Market Trade in Anglophone Cameroon

10:00–10:30 (Ali Abdullahi) Enhancing Agricultural Information Exchange through Mobile Phones in Nigeria

(Coffee/tea break)

11:00–11:30 (Araba Sey) Mobile Phones: Source of Livelihood or Livelihood Resource?

Mobile Phones, Social Networks and Social Knowledge 
Friday, May 24 15:00–17:45 

15:00–15:30 (Primus M. Tazanu) The Mobile Phone, Cameroonian Transnational Social Ties and Moral Economy of Remittances

15:30–16:00 (Charlotte Connelly) Preserving and Representing Mobile Culture from around the World

16:00–16:30 (Michael Waltinger) Mobile Phone Usage in Urban Nairobian Everyday-Life: Impressions and Preliminary Findings from the Field

(Coffee/tea break)

16:45–17:15 (Kárita Francisco) Brazilian Kids from a Low SES: The Use and Influence of Mobile Phones in their Daily Lives

17:15–17:45 (Robert Kibaya) Mobile Telephony Technologies that Support the Communication and Fundraising Needs of a Rural Community Development Organization; A Kirucodo Live Experience

Saturday, May 25 9:00–12:00 

9:00–9:30 (Lorena Perez-Garcia) Mobile Phones as a Tool for Identity Reinforcement within Indigenous Communities in Mexico

9:30–10:00 (Lorenzo Dalvit) Mobile Phone Sharing in Rural Tanzania

10:00–10:30 (Mathilde Krabbe Krogholt) Usage of Mobile Money Services among Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Members in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

(Coffee/tea break)

11:00–11:30 (Laura Stark) Mobile Banking among the Chronically Poor: Ethnographic Findings from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

11:30–12:00 (Joyojeet Pal) Mobiles and Mobility for People with Vision Impairments in Bangalore

Mobile Telephony, Politics, Governance and Education 
Friday, May 24 15:30–16:30 

15:30–16:00 (Chukwuemeka Okugo) The Influence of Mobile Telephony on the 2011 Presidential Elections in South East Nigeria

16:00–16:30 (JamesTsaaior) Mobile Telephony and the Imperative of Political Resistance in Postcolonial State

Mobile Phones and Gender 
Friday, May 24 15:00–16:30 

15:00–15:30 (Jukka Jouhki) Gender and Mobile Telephony: Ethnographic Observations from South India

15:30–16:00 (Jakob Svensson & Caroline Wamala) Mobile Communication for Development: A Critical Approach

16:00–16:30 (Oludele Albert Ajani) Gender, Mobile Phone, and Social Change in Nigeria

Mobile Telephony and Technological Development
Friday, May 24 16:45–17:45 

16:45–17:15 (Linda Paxling) Future-Making Hybrids: A Technoscientific Exploration among Ugandan Technology Hubs

17:15–17:45 (Hanne Cecilie Geirbo) Mobile Towers as Electricity Hubs: Experiences from a Pilot Project in Rural Bangladesh

Saturday, May 25 9:00–12:00 

9:00–9:30 (Sarah Wagner) Mobile Phone Appropriation: Engendering End-User Inclusion in the App Industry in Argentina and Bolivia

9:30–10:00 (Johan Hellström) M4D Innovation in East Africa: Real, Hype or Both?

10:00–10:30 (Maria de Mater O’Neill & Arthur Asseo-Garcia) Digital Illiteracy among Smartphone Puerto Rican Middle Class Users

(Coffee/tea break)

11:00–11:30 (Sirpa Tenhunen) Gender, intersectionality and mediation: mobile technology in rural India

Calling to Arms: Communication Circuits and War in Africa 
Friday, May 24 16:45–17.45 

16:45–17:15 (Mirjam de Bruijn) Mobile Connectivity and the Mali Conflict

17:15–17:45 (Inge Brinkman) A Changing War: The History of Communication, Legitimacy and Alliance in Angola (1961 – 2002)

Saturday, May 25 9:00–10:30 

9:00–9:30 (Norbert Wildermuth) Contributing to conflict prevention and transparency during the 2013 general elections in Kenya: a participant observation of the crowdsourced "Uchaguzi" platform

9:30–10:00 (Bernard Lututala) ICTs and the worsening crisis in the DR Congo: the role of the Congolese Diaspora

10:00–10:30 (John Postill) Commentary to Panel 7

Saturday, May 25 14:15–15:00

14:15-15:00 (Mirjam de Bruijn) Connecting dreams, live histories, communication and mobility (a film depicting the first years of mobile telephony in Africa)

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