Doctoral Workshop

The Mobile Telephony in the Developing World (MTDW) Doctoral Workshop is an international forum for PhD students working in the areas of ICT and development. The workshop on May 23rd 2013 will offer Ph.D. students the opportunity to present, discuss, and receive constructive and critical feedback on their research in an interdisciplinary and international atmosphere. This feedback will be provided by internationally renowned ICT researchers and scholars.

MTWD Doctoral Workshop Goals

The goals of the Doctoral Workshop include:
  • To encourage more doctoral students in the area of ICT and Development 
  • To provide fruitful feedback and advice to the Ph.D. students on their research theses. 
  • To provide the opportunity to meet colleagues and experienced researchers in the area of ICT and development 
  • To foster interaction among PhD students and stimulate an exchange of ideas and suggestions among participants. 

Submissions should address the student's PhD research area, specifically:
  • A clear formulation of the research question. 
  • An identification of the significant problems in the field of research. 
  • State why the research work is important. 
  • An outline of the current knowledge of the problem domain, as well as the state of existing solutions. 
  • Details of research methodologies. 
  • A presentation of any preliminary results and the state of the research work. 
  • A discussion of the implications for research, practice and policy making; i.e. how the possible outcomes of the research will be different, new, or better than the existing solutions. 

Instructions: The final papers should be max. 5000 words in length. Since papers can be read before the workshop from this site, you need not present them during the workshop. Instead, we will reserve 30 minutes for discussing each paper. We will reserve around 15-20 minutes for commentators and 10-15 minutes for general discussion. So, please, read each others’ papers in advance so that you can discuss them during the workshop. The discussion can continue even after the workshop at this site. Since reading papers might be too much work, I suggest that if you cannot read them all before the workshop, read half of them before and half of them after the workshop. You can give your comments for the first half in the workshop and for the second half in the Internet. You can also continue to discuss the ones you commented during the workshop in the Internet.

Doctoral workshop participants are asked to submit their papers to Laura Stark ( by Friday, April 12th, so that the commentators have time to read them before the workshop.

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